About Me

My name is Andrea Alterwain Brück, I am a Doctor at Law and Social Sciences and a Public Notary, in both careers graduated from the University of the Republic, School of Law; Magister in Business Law by the University of Montevideo, School of Law with Postgraduate Course in Civil Liability in depth by the University Dámaso A. Larrañaga, School of Law. I also count with several postgraduate courses related among others with the rural, environmental and energetic problematic.

Just from the beginning of the professional activity exercise, I was closely connected to the commercial and business activity in all its forms. I worked for about five years in a recognized Consulting firm, attending national and foreign corporations with respect to the organization, structure, acquisitions, mergers, tax planning and international trade among others.

Subsequent and for over a decade, I legally advised companies and large-sized industries, working together with the real estate, timber, logistic, port and energy sectors. In that period I specialized in counselling all types of rural contracts related to the agricultural – cattle exploitation, as well as contracts related to forestry and mineral activity in all its forms.

From beginning of 2013 that I give legal advice to individuals and companies, understanding legal counselling as essential and necessary for informed and safe decision-making.

I know that teamwork is necessary in order to give clients the best response to their concerns and needs. I therefore work with a vast network of colleagues and associated professionals, mainly with specialists in other branches of law such as criminal law, as well as accountants and economists.

Personal Values

  • Professional and personal Integrity
  • Discretion, ethics and confidentiality
  • Commitment to quality: understanding the client’s problem and implement in its resolution an updated professional knowledge, aiming therefore to be constantly updated.
  • Efficiency and celerity in the task entrusted to achieve total client satisfaction.
  • Full dedication and utmost diligence in the assignment resolution, being always available for the client.