Estudio Jurídico Notarial AB

About Me

My name is Andrea Alterwain Brück, I am a Doctor at Law and Social Sciences and a Public Notary, in both careers graduated from the University of the Republic, School of Law; Magister in Business Law by the University of Montevideo, School of Law with Postgraduate Course in Civil Liability in depth by the University Dámaso A. Larrañaga, School of Law. I also count with several postgraduate courses related among others with the rural, environmental and energetic problematic.


Areas of Legal Practice

Integral counselling and representation in judicial and administrative proceedings that are generated in matters related to commercial, corporate, administrative, civil, family and labour law.

The needs and interests of each client are considered, providing safety, assessing and mitigating potential legal risks.

Areas of Notarial Practice

  • Business with urban and rural properties (with a livestock, agricultural and forest destination): purchases, mortgages, usufructs, co-ownership regulations, leases, etc.
  • Business with motor vehicles: purchases, pledge collateral, leasings.
  • Powers of attorneys and mandates: issuance, revocations, substitutions, subcommands, etc.
  • Wills.